Sustainable Condo

A full-sized display unit showcasing leading-edge green technologies and products. Five environmental topics: energy, water, materials, land & well-being.
In support to green buildings and a sustainable way-of-life.

The sustainable condo demonstrated eco-friendly residential solutions in five key issues:
  • Energy: Devices and building strategies that reduce household energy bills,
  • Water: Water efficient appliances, fixture and landscaping that reduce significantly water use and save money.
  • Materials: Renewable, recyclable, durable and non-toxic material that are made from local and recycled content sources.
  • Land use: Comfortable and attractive living space that uses indoor space and land efficiently to create liveable and sustainable communities
  • Well-being: Healthy materials and eco-friendly appliances that provide superior comfort and indoor air quality.

7 events, 3 countries, 1 million visitors

Sustainable Condo North America

Sustainable Housing in Chongqing, China